5 Apps for: PERSON – PewDiePie

App 1 – Pewdiepie Soundboard


Very simple interface, with different coloured pewdiepie logo with text on each button.

App 2 – Run Pewdiepie!

Screenshot_2014-10-13-19-00-47Screenshot_2014-10-13-19-00-51 Screenshot_2014-10-13-19-01-14

The interface is very neat but it does not match the game as the game is a 8 bit game, and the interface is much higher than 8 bit, the sounds match the game as it is the character and his tone fits in perfectly with the style of the game, overall it is a very addictive game.

App 3 – Flap PooDPie

Screenshot_2014-10-13-19-03-02 Screenshot_2014-10-13-19-48-34

The UI uses too many colours, it makes it difficult to spot the play button, also the graphics at the bottom of the game is unnecessary, distracting and irrelevant as you can already see the big ‘Bro fists’ which everyone knows him by. This is the same as Flappy Bird just not as neat.

App 4 – PewDiePie (unofficial)

Screenshot_2014-10-13-19-03-46 Screenshot_2014-10-13-19-03-35

Simple app with a simple interface, for fans to keep updated with latest news and updates; twitter, new video upload, facebook ect. Categories on the left and content on the right with thumbnails. Has everything a PewDiePie fan needs.

App 5 – PewDiePie Fans

Screenshot_2014-10-13-19-04-30 Screenshot_2014-10-13-19-04-11

Youtube for PewDiePie fans but… you can only watch the last 25 latest videos uploaded, which is not that bad but audience will want more.

5 Apps for: PERSON – PewDiePie

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