Theme: Landscape – Media: Video – London Suburbia 2054 – EVALUATION | Week 12 of 13

My job roles were to be the director, editor, production coordinator and I was in charge of the sound/music. The 3 technique rules I chose is: black and white, only outdoor locations and at least 2 tracking shots.

Based on research from week 9, I decided the Film to be a campaign to fight a totalitarian government, trying to capture the future in present times was very difficult and only modernised and simple/natural places would help the most, it was difficult finding interesting shapes and nature shots that I had in mind so I visited Canary Wharf; most modern place in London I could think of and Stratford Olympic Park. It was a challenge to shoot in these places as we kept getting stopped by security guards asking us for permit, we even had to stop recording on week 10 as we had no ID cards with us to show the security.

Hiring the equipment was also a challenge as I could not handle all the heavy equipment on my own so I had to get a colleague to help but been let down, and this happened with commitment as well as some people was not able to come in, due to other work needing to get done. So I would need to improve on motivating the team to be more committed and plan more ahead or create a schedule.

My strength is in editing, I always enjoyed editing since college for 3 years and remembered most the things I have been taught. I always used older versions of Final Cut Pro so it was easier to import videos on the timeline, the latest version of Final Cut Pro is more advanced in that sense but a lot easier to use. For the start of the video I put the name of the campaign (our title) from the titles browser, and then todays present time and location. Then cut all the clips and followed the storyboard order of scenes. After I put all the scenes in order on the timeline I drag & dropped the ‘black & white’ effect on all the clips. The average scene length was 5 seconds. Then what I did was insert the sound (file > import > media) and placed it where appropriate.

After the video looked ready I decided to add calm synth sounds from GarageBand, in the loops section, that way there will be no copyright issues. I then added fading text to the video of the keywords spoken in the voiceover; the text had no background so that the scenes are visible.

Finally I added the campaign logo made in Adobe Illustrator and scrolling text – credits.

What could have been improved was thinking of all outcomes; having a plan B and being better organised, having better communication with the team and making sure we get more shots of what is needed with more variety of angles.

Theme: Landscape – Media: Video – London Suburbia 2054 – EVALUATION | Week 12 of 13

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