From Tom Hussey’s work, how you see a mirror reflection of the younger you; what you used to be, it made me think about how some people could waste their time or life doing something they should not or have no interest in.

This vine has influenced me to add graphics to my photographs. If I use graphics I would have to use a software called ‘Autodesk Sketchbook’ which I would use from my android device – Samsung Galaxy Note 4. This is because it is a professional sketching app, it lets me adjust the resolution and has features such as quick selection, layers, gradients ect, things that are available on Photoshop.

The way the vine was done was by shooting about 20-30 images of the lady getting out of bed, then these images were imported in a graphic software such as illustrator and traced over the images. Then the artwork was extracted in a animation software such as Adobe Flash and the art was placed on about 20 different keyframes, on top of the first image which is being ran throughout the whole vine.


This picture was taken from my work place – Newham Florist. It shows how I could use one picture, and make a story from it. I plan on using my place of work to tell a story of how you could waste your time when you could do something that will benefit you and your work.

Vine,. Molehill’s Post On Vine. 2015. Web: Available at: 9 Mar. 2015.


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