Sound (Object)


For the sound project the theme is ‘Object.’

For the brief we were set out to make a 3-5 minute short radio style audio clip about the object of our choice. I have to include at least one sound that expresses the object I have chosen.

For this we will be using the Tascam Portable Recorder and/or a portable mono microphone set. the sounds will be edited in Adobe Audition.

Setting up the Tascam Recorder

I used Tascam DR-100MKII, which is a professional recording equipment. It can record in both Mono and stereo, and all the sound clips are saved as WAV files which is the best quality sound you can get – also very high in size.

Before you record anything, it is always best to do a factory reset and a quick format to make sure all the settings are set back to normal so that you could change it to your needs. formatting is done so you don’t mix your work with others.

IMG_2697 IMG_2695

Next thing we do is check our input settings to change the mic type to mono, so that we can catch all the sound properly, with stereo it seems to be more difficult as you have to direct the microphone to where the sound is coming from; mono catches sound all around.

IMG_2698 IMG_2694

Also if using a portable microphone we have to set the input mode to XLR – which is the three-pin locking connector, what this does is uses allows you to use an external microphone which is connected through the XLR.


We also keep the settings shown above for best experience.


For my ‘Object’ I had an idea of an app, software or a game, this is because these things have the best sounds, the sounds can be downloaded and you could make realistic sounding adverts or interviews (such as a game show interviews).

I decided to create an interview for ‘Clash of Clans’ which is a mobile game for android and iPhone devices. Clash of Clans is one of the most popular games on the market and users know the game by its distinctive sounds.

To make the interview realistic, I did not want a script as then it would not be an interview, so I decided to ask around for people who actually play the game, and ask them questions about the game.


Based on research on the game, I took some notes about what the game is about and what elements it includes, so I could know what to ask them about.

Work in Progress

As I was recording, I had problems setting to sound to mono, whenever I tried, there would be no sound coming out from the headphones. I set everything up properly, used the XLR  with a mono microphone and set the input to XLR. I could not waste time so I decided to fix the problem in Audition. So the recording we did was in stereo.

This is the unedited sound:

As you can hear the sound is only coming out from the right side. With audition this is no problem. There was a quick and easy solution with Audition for this which I will show later on.

First thing I done was opened up the sound clip in Audition (File > Import > File…) once the file was in, first thing you need to do to start edition is go to ‘Multitrack’ –

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 7.25.52 pm

What this does is lets you have different ‘Tracks’ into one frame, this way you could edit multiple sounds together, cut parts out, join parts together, ect.

Once you click on Multitrack you will get a pop up, that is where I found my fix for the stereo sound.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 7.02.58 pm

After I got that sorted it was time to edit my sound so that it sound more clear and smooth without most the background noise. Also had to cut parts out where my interviewee was getting things mixed up by using the Razor selection tool from the tools bar at the top.

The next effect I used was Dynamics Processing, I adjusted the dynamics to what is shown below, it made a huge difference on the quality of sound, it became much more clearer and the background sound just disappeared.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 2.58.59 pm

I have tried to experiment with other effects but non seemed effective, the mono microphone did a very good job in the clarity of the sound.

What I did next was to get the MP3 files of the in-game sounds and background music and played them throughout the interview, with the volume down to -6db.

Finally I exported the entire sound clip (File > Export > Multitrack Mixdown > Entire Session).

Final recording/Synopsis

My recording is an interview about an upcoming popular mobile game – Clash of Clans, this interview talks about why this game is No.1 in the App store and Google Play stores, what is this game packed with that everyone loves it so much, Ann is the interviewer interviewing Junaid and Umad.


Although recording a sound clip might seem so easy, it was more complicating than I ever thought, setting up the Tascam Portable Recorder was challenging for the external mono microphone, there was no sound coming through the headphones when the Type was set to mono, so first thing I thought was that it should be on stereo. The reason I did not use the Tascam microphone is because of the way it is made, it is a directional microphone, as with the handheld microphone you could keep it anywhere and it will still catch the sound.

It was also a challenge to workout how to use Adobe Audition; I could not tell what was the purpose of the Waveform or the uses of the Multitrack. I was planning to use the equalizer too but I could hear no difference in sound, and when I did hear some difference, it did not sound good at all. It was the same with all other effects, I did not want the interview to sound as if someone was interviewing a person in a car with closed windows.

It was a challenge to find the sounds from Clash of Clans, I had to find every sound file individually, which was time consuming, but it was well worth the time.

One problem I found is that after I saved my work, I could no longer open the session; there were no files in the session. So it was very frustrating, plus saving work is a very important thing as my work got all deleted because I did not save and Audition force closed.

One of my biggest challenges was getting colleagues to help me record as I was hardly ever available at the same time they was, so I was very unorganised during the process.

Overall I think I did well, I have achieved what I had in mind, and there is no odd sounds or sounds not related to the game.

Sound (Object)

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