Stream A – History of Lies

History of Lies Brief

For the History of Lies brief I had an idea to make something gamified. My first thoughts about the app were:

  • Needs to be fun, engaging and competitive
  • Very simple and easy design for faster navigation under pressure
  • Interactive with reality
  • Appropriate for all
  • Must be an app for a museum.
  • The app will be educational with gamification elements, it will have a scoring system based on what the user has collected in a specific time, with sound effects to make the user more engaged in the app.
  • The app must be about WW1 and WW2.
  • Prize at the end which you collect from the gift shop.

The app will use filtered view for tablets with a side bar for quick navigation






The app will use nested doll layout for smartphones without a side bar.


Because I want the app to be very easy to use and user friendly, I will make navigation as easy as possible to make the use of the app very quick. This will be done by implementing a sidebar.


It will have 5 pages in total as shown above.


Logo Ideas


Above is a sketch of my interface that i decided to work with, after receiving feedback, this was the most suitable design idea for my app. Below that are some logo ideas, because the app is for iOS, the logos are rounded squares, the 2 on the right had very good feedback, so I would have to collect more feedback based on quantity.

  • The app colours will be maximum 3 sets of colours with different sets of shades
  • Fonts used will be western-like for title/headings and simple font for descriptions
  • Logo will have some graphics related to war such as planes or searchlights


  • The app will need to work smoothly on both Android and iOS devices (Smartphones and Tablets).
  • Devices will need a back/front camera and/or NFC with GPS
  • App will only work in landscape mode for tablets and both for smartphone
  • Supports all screen sizes and most update versions of devices.
  • App will be small in size so there are no lags or crashes due to ram.
  • App is built for touch devices only.
  • Compressed music/war sounds (MP3).
  • A world war museum

User Testing

The user testing for data gathering I would use is Focus Groups, as it is one of the best ways to gather information while the app is being tested. This is done by watching and interviewing the user while using the app.

Why App?

  • Able to use offline as it is stored in your device
  • Less battery consumption
  • No loading times



This wireframe is of the home screen done in Balsamiq.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This wireframe was done in Lucidchart with all pages.


I plan on using a web-based framework – Appfurnace because:

  • The easiest and most complex way to build propaganda Museum is with a web-based framework.
  • Appfurnace is one of the most user friendly framework which is perfect for small projects.
  • It makes it easier to begin with as it supports JavaScript and HTML5.
  • You can see immediate changes by testing the app on your device or the emulator.
  • Supports iOS and Android.

Appfurnace VS MIT App Inventor

  • Compared to MIT App Inventor it gives you more freedom with coding as with MIT all the coding is done by drag and drop (for amateurs)
  • Appfurnace supports both Android and iOS compared to MIT app inventor only supports Android
  • Appfurnace gives you more freedom with the design and how you want to arrange things, it is more user friendly.

Future Proofing

  • Because it is an app, it will support updates
  • NFC has not been out for long, this is why the app is updated with the new feature of NFC
  • The app can use facial recognition in the future for different activities


Overall the app idea is stable, but design wise there can be improvements and minor changes, the app is not something you get everyday, it not only makes you engage with the environment but also people. With testing and feedback the app could be finalized.

Stream A – History of Lies

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