Stream B – Stroke App

What is it?

  • iPad app (iOS) for stroke patients
  • For those suffering with Ischaemic stroke which led to aphasia
  • For users who’s levels of language and sentence construction is impaired
  • text-to-speech / Speech-to-text (Microphone)
  • Built-in siri system
  • Custom keyboard with a contrasting design
  • Built-in Preset words and sentences
  • Save your own words/sentences in different tabs

Use Case Diagram / Sequence Diagram / Class Diagram


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as seen on the diagrams and wireframes, the app is very simple and easy to use, it has no complicating options so that stroke patients had no troubles or difficulties using the app, it is a straight forward app, easy to use and easy to navigate.

Object Oriented Programming Terms

  • Classes – Used to represent data or object types
  • Inheritance – Used to create relationships
  • Polymorphism – Having many forms; giving classes the ability to respond to identical messages in different ways


This app would be made in Xcode using swift.

Xcode gives you a lot of help with swift which is located in the Help section, where it has codes written for you. Xcode is an official software made by apple, it is made for professional developers but also friendly with beginners, this can be seen in the xcode lessons I took earlier:

Xcode uses a coding language called Swift which is quite new, and most developers have good things to say about it, it is an improved version of Objective-C.

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Stream B – Stroke App

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